Baxter9922's Loving Nursery

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Baxter9922's Loving Nursery

Post  baxter9922 on Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:51 pm

Baxter9922's Loving Nursery is a place for children to grow. We have a miniscule entrance fee of only [color=cyan]8[/color] beads, and a minimum age of [color=orange]3[/color] months, with [color=violet]1000 [/color]development.

There are at least [color=red]5[/color] toys that are in demand, and [color=green]3[/color] books.

We have all the food you could possibly need, from [color=blue]maternal milk[/color] to [color=indigo]fish filets[/color] and [color=olive]mashed potatoes[/color].

I hope to see your babys' shining faces soon!


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