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Post  RosaBellaHale on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:14 pm

Please take a look at my ! Your babies will be happy! Here is some infomation!

Hey this is the Rainbow Lollypop . It is very cheap and I assure you... your babies will be cared for. I am a mother to 18 and they are all very happy at my . So join if you want. I am not forcing you! When your baby is at its last day of the I will inform you of it.

You will get:

Cheap Daily Rate

Quick Re-Enrollment Replies

Good Food

Loads of Room

Every Toy

Loads of Learning

Super Care

Well Babies

Tons of Friends to Make

And Loads More!

So Do You think that you'll like it? Please just try it out! Very Happy
From RosaBellaHale (that is my account on Babydow) What a Face


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